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Composite Restorations

At some point in our lives, most of us have had a cavity or will develop one. With today's tools and techniques, there are several options for fillings and tooth restoration. Composite fillings are an excellent aesthetic option. Composite fillings are composed of a mixture of plastic resin and glass fiber that adheres to your tooth supports the tooth structure and aids insulation when food is particularly hot or cold.

Composite fillings are popular for several reasons, one of the more popular being that they can be matched precisely to the color of your existing teeth for cosmetic appeal. Composite fillings are invisible, durable solutions for chipped, broken teeth, or decayed teeth. They can also be reshaped to improve fit with your teeth, preventing further decay or discomfort.

Ask Dr Amit Sadhwani at Care Dental how he can restore your smile to its naturally gleaming, unblemished, cheerful state.

Fiber reinforced bridges

Fiber-reinforced composite (FRC) technology is well proven in industrial applications. In dentistry, for about half the cost of a PFM bridge, the dentist can fabricate a replacement for a missing tooth directly in the mouth in less than 2 hours. We at Care Dental use the finest quality fibers made through nano technology for replacement of missing teeth, bonding loose or mobile teeth and retaining aligned teeth post orthodontics. Direct FRC bridges are entering the realm of routine treatment because of its nature of providing immediate solution.