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Gum disease usually starts in areas that you're not brushing or keeping clean. Bacteria build up in a film on your teethand you get a reaction to that bacteria - inflammation. Inflammation, or swelling of the gums (also known as gingivitis), can be one of the first warning signs of gum disease.

Other symptoms include:

  • gum redness
  • bleeding while brushing or flossing
  • receding gum line
  • loose teeth
  • constant bad breath
  • mouth sores

Pain isn't one of the first symptoms of gingivitis or gum disease. What's unique about early gum disease is that it doesn't cause much discomfort at all. So you really have to pay attention to these other symptoms.If you don't treat gingivitis, gum problems can get worse. Infection and inflammation will spread deeper into the tissues that support the tooth. When that happens, the inflammation becomes destructive. The gums begin to pull away from the teeth, which lets in more bacteria. At this stage, gum disease is called periodontitis.

Periodontitis causes the tissues and bone that support the teeth to break down. This creates pockets where bacteria can grow. As you lose bone, your teeth get looser and looser, and eventually, they fall out. What's more, oral health affects your whole body's health.

Dentists at Care Dental will remove the root cause of the problem - plaque on your teeth. Dr Maahi Sadhwani who is an expert periodontist cleans around all the affected areas, and really go down to the bottom of the pocket of the tooth, because that's where the most harmful bacteria is. This deep-cleaning process is called scaling. Doctors also look at other causes of plaque, like loose fillings or crowns. May take X-rays to check for bone loss. If the disease is severe, or doesn't get better over time, you might need surgery. Care Dental is blessed with key opinions from two periodontists Dr Maahi Sadhwani and Dr Himanshu Manudhane who constantly encourage patients for total oral hygiene along with other treatments, which helps the other treatments to be more successful and predictable.