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Technological advances in materials and machining have led to the development of a newer all ceramic abutments (implant attachments), designed and machined using CAD/CAM technology. This manufacturing method improves management of the sub gingival depth of the crown/abutment interface and enhances the esthetic qualities of the restoration. However, since this ceramic abutment has less mechanical resistance than metal abutments, its use is confined to the restoration of front teeth not subjected to excessive occlusal forces.

There are several restorative alternatives for replacing a missing anterior tooth. But single implant supported esthetic restoration is one of the most unique type in which the all ceramic restoration is customized in the laboratory to merge with the surrounding gum tissues harmonically.

This esthetic value of restorations has become a cornerstone of dental care. More and more patients want to see a natural smile in the mirror, not visible areas of metal. Importantly, today's modern materials can provide the strength and esthetics required for all quadrants of the mouth.

Our Esthetics Team comprising of Dr Amit Sadhwani, Dr Himanshu Manudhane and Dr Maahi Sadhwani have been able to provide an unmatched blend of artistry and technology in a plenty cases over the years.