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Patients with partial or fully edentulous (missing teeth) clinical presentations for dental implant reconstruction offer unique challenges for both the implant surgeon and restorative practitioner. The task of restoring any edentate area (without teeth) requires a complete understanding of each patient's individual anatomy to identify vital structures and volume of bone, avoid complications, and maximize success. There are many choices for the surgeon, restorative clinician, patient, and dental laboratory team to review and accept prior to the scalpel being used. These choices should, therefore, be based on the desired prosthetic outcome in order to achieve true restoratively driven implant reconstruction.

Perhaps the most important treatment planning concept involves the ultimate design of the final implant-supported prosthesis, as it will dictate the required number of implants to achieve the desired occlusion, proper implant positioning, cost to the clinician and patient, and prosthetic longevity.

Essentially, we place six or more implants in each arch to securely and permanently hold a full upper or lower set of teeth. Once placed, these look, feel, and function just like a natural healthy set of teeth - permanently!

These implant supported restorations are fixed in nature, and are of two kinds:

Full arch implant supported fixed bridge

Depending upon your facial profile, your smile line, your overall esthetic and functional requirements, we at Care Dental can suggest you a fixed All ceramic or a porcelain fused to metal bridge. Such bridges are the most closest to the bridges on natural teeth. Revolutionary ceramic products are now available with our partner labs which give you the best comfort and esthetics.

Hybrid Prostheses

The other variety is the hybrid prosthesis which is the best of both the worlds, it is also known as a fixed detachable prosthesis which is otherwise a fixed option but can be removed by your dentist if need arises. It is usually required when the vertical height of your mouth is more, and hence a fixed ceramic bridge would look unnatural. It may be more or less of the same cost as compared to a ceramic bridge but may be the right choice for you with respect to esthetics and long term durability. It can be fabricated from variety of materials including ceramic or acrylic (highly strengthened resin).

Apart from fixed restorations other options include removable dentures held by implants.

Implant-Supported Overtdentures

Implant-supported overdentures are removable dentures secured by implants.

Anyone who has ever used dentures has experienced the frustration and limitations of speaking, chewing, and even just smiling. Traditional dentures can be uncomfortable, or even painful. They can feel unstable and come loose, making it difficult to eat the foods you love.

Implant supported overdentures can help our Prosthodontist Dr Amit Sadhwani place several dental implants in your jawline as anchors for a traditional denture. In some circumstances, this is fixed, but some can be be completely removed and put back in place by the patient. This gives a traditional denture more stability than conventional methods, such as denture adhesives.

While full-mouth implants are usually the preferred solution for missing teeth, implant-supported overdentures can be a cost-effective solution is some circumstances as it usually uses lesser number of implants.

The right choice of the above mentioned prosthesis requires detailed communication with the dentist, systematic investigations and designing an appropriate treatment plan. Care Dental is your right stop for such comprehensive treatments.