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Paediatric Dentistry is the specialty that provides comprehensive oral health care for children from birth to adolescence. Paediatric Dentists undergo 3 years post graduate specialty training to equip them to manage the dental needs of children in relation to prevention, treatment, behavioural management and development. Paediatric Dentists are trained to manage complex treatment, and children not easily managed by general practitioners or Oral Health Therapists.

Here at Care Dental, Dr Nikita Dodeja, a warm, friendly yet professional pediatric dentist, provides the following one sitting services for children as well as long term intensive programs:

  • fillings and extractions
  • root canal treatment of primary teeth and crowns
  • preventive services: sealants, flouride therapy
  • management of traumatic injuries to primary teeth
  • caries risk assesment
  • dental treatment for children with special needs
  • dental treatment for very young and apprehensive children

Her infant oral care program includes services such as:

  • assessing the risk of infants developing severe early childhood caries and the risk of mothers passing this disease to their infants
  • develop preventive programs and closely follow up infants at risk
  • monitor the oral development of infants in relation to teething, oral habits
  • teach parents appropriate feeding and oral hygiene practices for their infants care dental promotes dental health of children as well as serve as educational resources for parents.