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Upon my fiend's recommendation, I saw Dr. Amit Sadhwani for a consultation. I found him extremely knowledgeable, most professional, and sensitive to my concerns. I felt immediately at ease as Dr. Amit discussed my treatment options at length and laid out a plan, both dental and financial. He assured me that recreating my smile through implant technology would have a positive impact not only on my physical appearance but on my confidence level, as well. Dr. Amit's warm personality and his skilled personnel helped add trust to the doctor-patient relationship.

Mr Rajnish Ahluwalia

Neelkanth Palms, Thane West, India
Dr Amit Sadhwani has been our family dentist for the past 9 years and I have trusted his advice everytime. Dr Amit is thorough in whatever he does and it shows by the quality of the work he delivers. He is professional and gives a personal touch in all his interactions with his patients. It does give me great pleasure in recommending Dr. Amit and Care Dental Clinic.

Vikram Bharwani

Thane, India
I went to Dr. Amit for a tooth that had been troubling me for a year. I experienced severe pain in my jaw and neck for almost a year. I went to two dentists and got X-rays which revealed nothing. I also saw a physician and a neurologist with no results. It was then that I decided to go back to another dentist and went to care dental. Dr.Amit got me another X-ray and he said I had an infection in my tooth which was causing the pain. He recommended a root canal done by Dr. Maahi and Dr.Amit. After which I was finally relieved of my long term pain. I am glad I went to Care Dental and have been definitely recommending them to friends and family.

Dr Ila Patil, Master Physiotherapist

Venice, Florida
Care Dental, is certainly one of the best dental clinics around Thane. The clinic is very well maintained and hygienic. Dr Amit Sadhwani and Dr Maahi Sadhwani are true professionals and very dedicated to their work and patients.
I had my root canal treatment done last year and due to time constraints I couldn't place a final crown on my tooth. Doctors really co-operated very well with me and placed a temporary crown instead which lasted for more than 6 months, until I visited them back again and this time the definitive crown placed on my tooth, which is super comfortable and hard to distinguish from my natural tooth. I am more than satisfied with Care Dental team and would highly recommend this clinic for all dental needs.

Preeti Nagdev

Thane, India